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Probiotics promotes intestinal health


Probiotics are a group of active microorganisms that are beneficial to the host and are active microorganisms that colonize the human intestine and reproductive system and can produce definite health effects, thereby improving the host's microecological balance and exerting beneficial effects. The beneficial bacteria or fungi in human body and animal body mainly include Clostridium butyricum, Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, actinomycetes, and yeast. The most powerful products currently researched in the world are mainly composite active probiotics composed of various types of microorganisms, which are widely used in bio-engineering, industrial and agricultural, food safety, and life and health fields.

The role of probiotics:

The role of probiotics in the human body: prevention and treatment of diarrhea; relief of lactose intolerance; prevention of vaginal infections; enhancement of the body's immune system; mitigation of allergies; lowering of serum cholesterol; aid in the absorption of nutrients; prevention of cancer and inhibition of tumor growth. The details are as follows:


1 Prevent or improve diarrhea: Poor eating habits or taking antibiotics will break the balance of intestinal flora, leading to diarrhea. Supplementing probiotics helps balance the intestinal flora and restore normal intestinal pH and relieve diarrhea.

2 alleviate the symptoms of lactose intolerance: Lactobacillus can help the body break down lactose, relieve diarrhea, flatulence and other uncomfortable symptoms, can be eaten with milk.

3 Prevention of Reproductive System Infection: Lactobacillus acidophilus in sour milk and Rekafol's antibacterial spray inhibits the reproduction of Candida albicans in the vagina. A double-blind controlled trial in Europe confirmed this. Patients are given 10 ml of active probiotics daily. The results show that the incidence of reproductive system infections is greatly reduced. Long-term supplementation of active probiotics in the body can help repair the microcirculation of the reproductive system.

4 enhance the human immune system: there is a very developed immune system in the intestine. Probiotics can modulate the immune function in the gut and regulate too low or too high immune activity to a normal state. The role of this immunomodulatory probiotic is also thought to contribute to anti-cancer and allergic disease suppression.

5 to promote the health of the intestinal digestive system: probiotics can inhibit the proliferation of harmful bacteria in the intestine, reduce toxins, promote intestinal peristalsis, thereby improving the intestinal function and improve the status of defecation.

6 Decrease serum cholesterol: Europe's Caucasus mountains and the Mediterranean coast are known as hometowns for longevity. Locals often drink home-made sour milk. They rarely suffer from diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. A large number of scientific studies confirm that this is rich in probiotics with yogurt. Bacteria related. These probiotics can lower serum cholesterol levels. In addition, long-term probiotic supplementation can also help prevent bone loss and prevent osteoporosis.

7 to help absorb nutrients: If the daily intake of probiotics, not only can inhibit the production of harmful bacteria in the intestine, but also provide a good environment for the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, creating a healthy intestinal. There is Bacillus subtilis (Bacillus subtilis) contained in "mamiai", which has a good effect on the decomposition of lactose and helps children to digest or absorb milk or milk powder. And the beneficial bacteria in Mamiai can promote the absorption of nutrients such as milk powder and protein contained in milk. It contains vitamins B1, B2, and B6 necessary for metabolism of essential nutrients and growth, which can help children grow well.

Patients often take health foods containing probiotics to prevent and treat diarrhea. There are more than 500 kinds of tens of billions of different bacteria inhabiting the normal human intestine. In most cases, they restrict each other and coexist and co-prosper. Once the balance of the intestinal flora is broken, it causes diarrhea. Second, the abuse of antibiotics can also cause diarrhea. Some European medical centers have tried to treat travelers' diarrhea with oral liquids containing Lactobacilli, Bifidobacteria and Inulin as main ingredients, and have also achieved good results.

Another role of probiotics is to help restore common gynecological inflammations such as vaginal infections in women. Dr. Gregory Reid, International Microbiology, developed Lactobacillus treatment in 1982 and Dr. Andrew Bruce to prevent the onset of genitourinary tract infections in women. This biotech has been used by an estimated 500,000 women worldwide. He and Dr. Bruce received the Metchnikoff Prize for Nutrition and Health for the 2007 Defense Force Ellie. In 2001, he was appointed chairman of the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) probiotics expert group and working group. In 2006, he was appointed chairman of the International Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics.

Scientists believe that the proliferation of probiotics in the intestine can promote and increase the body's systemic immunity. In some of Europe's famous longevity villages (such as the mountains of the Caucasus and Mediterranean countries), local people often drink homemade sour milk and rarely suffer from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. This study considers it to be related to the high level of probiotics contained in yogurt. From the 1990s to the 1990s, a large number of experiments conducted abroad confirmed that drinking probiotic drinks can actually lower serum cholesterol. Recently, some foreign scholars have published articles pointing out that the daily consumption of 200 milliliters of acid milk added by Lactobacillus acidophilus and inulin can cause an average decrease of 4.4% in hyperlipidemia patients. Both L. acidophilus and inulin have lipid-lowering effects.

In addition, research reports that long-term drinking beverages containing a large number of probiotics have the effect of preventing cancer and tumor diseases and preventing bone loss and osteoporosis.

The role of probiotics on your baby:

Because the baby's immune system is immature, the mother-to-child antibodies gradually disappear after birth and remain in the susceptible period for the first six years after birth. During this time, many babies will have gastrointestinal function, imperfect immune function, and body resistance. Weak, digestive disorders, intestinal malabsorption and infectious diseases, these small state not only hinder the baby's physical growth and development, have an impact on the development of baby's intellectual cognition, the development of emotional social ability to varying degrees, for Therapeutic chemical drugs, mothers are bound to worry about the harm to the baby, and probiotics, a unique natural ecological therapy with bacteria, to maintain the dominant position of probiotic bacteria by maintaining the balance of intestinal flora, improve the baby Immunity, promote digestion and absorption in the digestive tract, prevent various diseases, and protect each baby's healthy and balanced growth.

How to eat probiotics

How to eat?

The activity of probiotics will increase as the temperature rises and enter the fermentation process, and long-term preservation at room temperature will easily cause product taste changes. When the temperature exceeds 60 °C, probiotics will enter the decline stage. Therefore, the probiotic product is best eaten directly after being taken out under refrigerated conditions, avoiding high temperature heating.

Drinking amount?

In general, drinking 1 bottle (approximately 100 ml per bottle of 10 billion active lactic acid bacteria per bottle) of active lactic acid bacteria drink per day is sufficient to meet the needs of the human body.

Best drinking time?

Although probiotic products can also be eaten individually, the best time to eat is after meals. Because there is food and stomach acid, it is more conducive to the live bacteria to reach the intestinal tract to play a role, so the effect of drinking after a meal is better.

Supplemental probiotics?

People with hyperacidity, patients after gastrointestinal surgery, endocarditis, and severe pancreatitis should not drink probiotic yoghurt. It is best to consult a doctor in advance; others can enjoy it. After 3 months of birth, infants and young children can begin to gradually supplement some dairy products containing probiotics. For pregnant women who are prone to problems such as constipation during pregnancy, the supplementation of probiotics is also very helpful. Generally, as the age increases, the number of harmful bacteria in the intestine increases, so adults and elderly people need to supplement probiotics.

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